The Server Store is excited to launch our TotalServerShield (TSS) warranty program! TotalServerShield is our optional third-party maintenance warranty program that covers used servers and storage units purchased through our store. As a product option, TotalServerShield can cover up to 5 years in case of any hardware malfunctions. We offer TotalServerShield 8x5xNBD and 24x7x4 service agreements, comparable to Dell’s ProSupport. We can offer Total Server Shield on any item we sell. If you see any devices that do not have TotalServerShield pricing, please contact us for a quote! All servers and workstations by default come with our MET 90 day parts replacement warranty, where TheServerStore will ship spare parts to you using Fedex Ground on our dime.

Features OEM TSS
Covers New IT Equipment Yes
Covers Used IT Equipment
Covers any Brand
Covers parts and Labor Yes yes
Extended Coverage on End-of-life Equipment
Lowest price Maintenace Contrats
Covers 3rd Party Parts & Upgrades

Contact us for more details about the TotalServerShield warranty program.Third Party Maintenance If you need Third Party Maintenance for equipment that is about to be End-of-Life, we can extend your coverage.

Dell NBD ProSupport is a brand name of Dell.TotalServerShield is limited to orders in the USA and is subject to geographic availability. All RackGuard services are subject to both our main Terms & Conditions and to the TotalServerShield T&C.

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