Refurbished Servers become necessary as IT budgets shrink and our technology needs continue to grow at an accelerated pace. Buying a refurbished server begins to become very attractive when you can save anywhere from 70% to 80% off the list price of a new server. Many of our Refurbished Dell Servers, Refurbished HP Servers and Refurbished IBM Servers are selling for a fraction of their retail cost, while their condition and usable life make them very high-valued. Refurbished servers also come with warranties and are updated to the latest Bios and thoroughly tested before being shipped.

Custom Configure Your Refurbished Servers

For any of your IT requirements The Server Store can build you a custom server to fit your application. This is one more reason a refurbished server may be the perfect solution for your company. Our Server Store consultants will work with you and your budget, to design a system that is perfect for your needs. A custom refurbished server can save you 70 to 80% off the retail price! Our low-cost, refurbed IBM, Dell and HP servers can help your IT department save money even in these current economic times.

Refurbished servers from The Server Store allow you to have the best Dell, HP, or IBM technology at a fraction of the cost. Dell Poweredge Servers, HP Proliant Servers and IBM Servers offer the best in high tech, with a price tag that is manageable for any business. The low cost of our refurbished servers adds affordability to the amazing Dell Poweredge,HP Proliant and IBM servers. Contact Peter Neiman at The Server Store and discuss why a refurbished server is the answer for your IT needs.

The Server Store also has great deals on refurbished Dell workstations and refurbished HP workstations. The Server Store also sells a wide array of other refurbished Dell hardware and HP hardware including CPU's, memory, disk/tape drives, storage arrays, and networking equipment – all priced to help solve your IT budget problems.

The Server Store is an assumed name of Majestic International Electronic Technologies, Inc (MET). All representatives at The Server Store are employed by MET. MET is registered in Texas and operates in Carrollton, TX.

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