Preowned Luxury Vs Standard Civic Duty

A look at how preowned is more beneficial for you



New is not always better.  A top-of-the-line refurbished high-performance server can do more for your business than a new one. If you ask a car enthusiast if there’s a difference between a new car or an older one. They will say, “How dare you!? You Philistine! Of course, there is a difference and an insult to think otherwise!” A brand new 2021 Honda Civic does not give you the same performance and speed as a pre-owned luxury sports car like a 2019 Lamborghini. It doesn’t compete. Not even close. 



2019 Lambo Aventador

2021 Honda Civic 




Engine Type

6.5L V12

1.5L Turbo




Fuel Efficiency







They are both reliable cars. The lambo is just reliably fast and better performance options as well as capabilities. The Lamborghini has over 5 times the power of a Civic’s engine. The Civic just pressed on the gas pedal as the Lambo leisurely finish its 10th lap around the test track.  


The Civic is built for efficiency, not power. Lamborghinis are built for power efficiency and designed for precision performance. Nothing is wasted or sacrificed for power in its 6.5L V12 severely powerful engine. Upgrades and luxury are the standards for the Lamborghini brand with advanced technological innovations. A Civic would need some serious modifications and serious cost to get to the capabilities standard in a Lambo.  


What if you can get a Lambo performance with a Honda Civic price? The Server Store has high-performing servers that are scalable for your business. 


Dell PowerEdge m640 can fit up to 16 intel 2nd gen Xeon scalable dual compute nodes in a single M1000e chassis. M640s are perfect for data center settings that require highly scalable, multi-server, or clustering. A premium solution for clients that need High-Performance Computing and applications. Like the Lambo, speed and power were kept priority in the design of m640. The PowerEdge series is also integrated with a cyber-resilient architecture that secures and protects your data as fast as the server processes. The m640 blade server performs for you with high-powered efficiency for a fraction of the retail price at The Server Store.  


The Server Stores knows how to test, build, and maintain servers. We know servers like Lamborghini knows luxury. 


Reliability, Testing, Updates, & Cleaning 


Rest assured with our asset recovery and data destruction with all server parts for a clean and reliable build. The Server Store thoroughly tests and services every single piece of hardware in our warehouse and updated to the latest Bios. 


We offer many custom services that will cut out the middle and reduce time, stress, and money for our clients. The Server Store can consolidate services like pickup logistics, hardware audits, and IT decommissioning with certificates. Rest assured you will save time and money with The Server Store’s experience, quality, and care throughout the IT lifecycle.  


Not only do we test every piece of equipment for quality and updates. We also offer equipment warranties for our refurbished servers. 


Extended Maintenance Guarantee


The Server Store also offers a pre-owned warranty on all of our hardware. The typical OEM-issued server warranty on average lasts 3-years. Our optional extended server warranty exponential lengthens the coverage of the original OEMs. Up to 5 years after the original ends! This includes all brands, parts and labor, third-party parts, and upgrades. Our coverage cannot be outclassed.  


The Server Store cares about our customers and their needs and pride itself in our ability to serve our clients. 


Want IT equipment that fits your budget with ease? The Server Store has high-performance inventory in bulk from our 40,000 square foot warehouse in Texas. We pride ourselves on our highly educated sales staff, expert technicians, and attentive customer support team. For more information on services and products visit


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